co-work + co-parent + co-exist

co-work + co-parent + co-exist

co-work + co-parent + co-exist co-work + co-parent + co-exist co-work + co-parent + co-exist

Let's disrupt the workplace and center working mamas

Who's a mama-preneur?

A mama-preneur is a resilient, efficient, smart, confident, compassionate woman who typically  

  • works and average of 98 hours (!) a week,
  • while caring for little ones,
  • adding incredible value to her customers and the world, 
  • and STILL takes the time to uplift and support others.

Just imagine what mama-preneurs would be capable of achieving if they BEGAN with a full arsenal of resources at their dispense. If they had the ability to launch their business more quickly without having to keep the other job that “just pays the bills.”


What if there was a space for mama-preneurs and their allies to:

Co-work | Co-parent | Co-exist ? 

Just imagine what mama-preneurs could achieve if they had the resources and space to completely tap into their full potential...

Elevate a mama∙preneur

In honor of International Women's Day #IWD2020 and Women's History Month (March), I'm asking for all of us to pitch in and make my vision to disrupt the modern workplace and provide working mothers and their allies with the space and culture they deserve. 

We'll be launching a MASSIVE crowdfunding campaign before the end of March to build a space centered around mama-preneurs, where ALL humans can thrive. 

What is mama∙preneur?





State-of-the-art co-working space that includes whole-person, wrap-around services and amenities enabling you to crush your job while taking care of your body & mind





Top-of-the-line childcare, education, and playtime services allowing working parents to feel like they no longer need to choose between work or family





In-house residency program for working moms and their families to focus 100% on getting their business off the ground without having to worry about the bills

The pitch to build a radically inclusive work space

This is the video that will be embedded within our crowdfunding campaign. Feel free to share it with your network to create buzz!

How did this idea come to be?

Check out this video to see how the idea for mama∙preneur was born.

Although I've been thinking about elements of 

mama∙preneur for the last ten years, the full vision only "hit" me on Thursday, March 5th as I was biking into work.

Follow along

  The fundraising goal to build  mama∙preneur is lofty, but not impossible.

Just like striving for a more fair & equitable workplace, right?